Our event medical service includes a preliminary on-site survey, pre-incident planning, emergency action plan, full medical staffing, emergency communications, and emergency response and transport coordination. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to:

  • Reduce organizer workloads and allow them to focus on other critical issues in the planning process
  • Minimize costs by assessing your individual event and providing a risk analysis to determine your exact needs
  • Promote safety and health by staffing only the highest qualified, experienced, and specialized staff.  All of our personnel are fully licensed and insured

Some of our services include:

  • Pre-Event Action Plans
  • Two Way radio rental
  • Misting or Hydration stations
  • Bike Medic teams
  • All terrain vehicles
  • Road race/Bike race sweep team
  • First Aid Stations at multiple event locations
  • CPR and first aid classes for event staff

If you have a unique need at your next event that will assure the safety of your staff or event participants, just ask.

Call Pro Event Med today at 912-421-8727. We’re here to help.