What do I need to consider when planning Medical Coverage for my event?

What do I need to consider when planning Medical Coverage for my event?


Any event, large or small, can be unpredictable. That’s why it’s important for event organizers to include medical coverage as part of the event pre-plan.

When putting together a medical response plan for Coastal Georgia events, it’s important to take weather into consideration. The heat and humidity can take its toll on event participants and staff in the form of heat exposure and respiratory distress. Other medical emergencies can happen at any time and common incidents include envenomation, anaphylaxis and cardiac issues.

When structuring your event plan, it’s also important be aware of any special considerations. For example, a triathlon with an open water swim requires rescue staff on personal watercraft or kayaks and a life guard standing by. Long course bike or road races should have a team of paramedics on bicycles or a golf cart to be able to quickly respond to an emergency on the course. Music festivals and multi-day events should have a well-staffed medical station ready to deal with emergencies that may happen over the course of the event.

At Pro Event Med, we will work with you, every step of the way, to help develop the medical and emergency action plan for your event and then provide the proper amount of staffing so you will have complete medical coverage with no worries.



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