Why have ProEventMed at your next event?

Why have ProEventMed at your next event?

Did you know that 911 response times can take as long as seven minutes following a call for help? Having a team from ProEventMed at your event is like calling 911 and having first responders arrive on scene and treating the patient before you’ve hung up the phone!

Experience and statistics show us that medical incidents occur at EVERY event, no matter how small in size or low in risk. However, many of the incidents that occur at special events don’t require a response from an ambulance. With ProEventMed on site, we nearly eliminate the need and the distraction and disruption that a 911 response can cause.

Why use a Special Event Medical Service? Local ambulance companies are often understaffed. They frequently lack available personnel and extra equipment to dedicate and effectively cover your event. In many instances, the local ambulance service will offer an on-duty ambulance to “stand by” at your event. When there’s a 911 call, that ambulance may very well leave, which then leaves your event without any medical coverage!  At ProEventMed, events are all we do. We specialize in making sure your event is always 100% covered with medical staffing.

Just like a 911 response, ProEventMed offers ALS (Advanced Life Support) teams made up of a Paramedic and EMT. Together, this team guarantees the highest level of care for your event attendees. We employ highly trained, certified and vetted paramedics and EMTs. A paramedic with ALS skills and equipment represents peace of mind for you and your participants.

What do ProEventMed ALS paramedics provide? Skills like advanced cardiac resuscitation, cardiac monitoring and defibrillation, advanced airway management, IV fluid administration and pain management. Paramedics bring the emergency department to your event, with life saving treatment and medications.

How about Volunteers? Using volunteer nurses or off duty EMTs for your event’s medical coverage can be a huge liability. Who provides thier medical direction? Is their equipment up to date and inspected? Do they have professional libality coverage? ProEventMed is a professional company that is staffed by fully certified and trained providers. Our equipment is inspedcted and our vehicles are licensed as EMS response units. We are fully insured with both professional liability and general event liability policies. In fact, using ProEventMed for your event’s medical coverage may reduce your event insurance costs.